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 November 2015 Issues of SCBO


 Office Supplies, Furniture, and Appliances

 5400010140 Strategic Consultant for the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority

Strategic Consultant for PEBA

 LP Gas Averages

 Daily ULSD Off Road Prices

Look here for a list of prices beginning April 2, 2013 for Off-Road Red Dye Diesel.

 Daily ULSD/BIO Prices

State Contract for bulk Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel/Bio Diesel

 Daily Unleaded/E10 Prices

Attached are the daily prices for MMO Bulk Fuel Contracts for Unleaded.

 NOTICE - Meeting of the Request for Proposal Evaluation Panel

Unemployment Insurance Tax System
RFP # 5400010154

The meeting of the RFP Evaluation Panel for the above-referenced solicitation will be held:
Monday, November 23 2015 at 9:00 AM

The meeting will be held at:
SC Department Employment Workforce (SCDEW)
Room #611
1550 Gadsden Street
Columbia, SC 295202

 Building and Grounds Maintenance, Equipment, and Supplies