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 April 2015 Issues of SCBO

 Records Conversion, Storage, and Destruction (Shredding)

****LOT 5, Conversion to Microfilm/Microfiche has been awarded below****
****LOT 1, Records Shredding/Destruction has been awarded below****
****Lot 2, Records Storage/Retrieval has been awarded below****

 Office Supplies, Furniture, and Appliances

 Daily ULSD Off Road Prices

Look here for a list of prices beginning April 2, 2013 for Off-Road Red Dye Diesel.

 Daily ULSD/BIO Prices

State Contract for bulk Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel/Bio Diesel

 Daily Unleaded/E10 Prices

Attached are the daily prices for MMO Bulk Fuel Contracts for Unleaded.


 Provide Third Party Recordkeeping, Administration and Associated Services for the South Carolina Optional Retirement Program

The purpose of this solicitation is to acquire services complying with the enclosed description and/or specifications and conditions.

 Opportunities with our Division

The Budget and Control Board's Division of Procurement Services is looking for experienced Procurement Managers and a Senior Architect. Please read more about these opportunities below.

 IT Temporary Staff Augmentation

 Industrial Gases - Statewide Term Contract

Case No.: 2015-145
IFB No.: 5400009090
Posting Date: April 14, 2015

 Protest of Kelmar Global

Case 2015-215
Solicitation No. 5400008911
Criminal Background Check Services for the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Posting Date: 04/14/2015

 LP Gas Averages